New Year

Happy 2012!

So, mommy and I are back home in the place that should have white stuff but doesn’t really because it’s been remarkably warm……or Minnesota. It feels good to be home. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked my area at M’s house, but I feel more comfortable in MY area with MY litterbox, you get the idea.

Anyway, it’s a new year, and guess what mommy and I won…

I'm partial to the lop

We won it from Jade and Mr. Mick. And Mick was Mr. November

In case you missed it

Work it!

I hope everybun has a great 2012!

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! I had a great Christmas. I got a new iBun. My old one broke, and mommy said it was too expensive to have fixed.

Right now, I am staying at Ms house (that’s mommy’s mommy). And, they gave me an area that’s even better than the one that I have at home.

It was quite an adventure getting here. I flew!! It was horrible, but I felt cool. ‘Cause, I’m like the only bunny that ever flew. Mommy was all worried. I’m a bunny, and I’m anxious, and I’m easily stressed, etc. I had to ride in a carrying cage, and I think most of you know how I feel about that. But, mommy got me a new one that was really soft, and I had to ride beneath the seat in front of mommy. It was kinda dark and cozy, so I felt kinda safe, which makes it horrible rather than atrocious.

So, it’s been a great vacation so far. And today is a great day in history! It’s mine and mommy’s bunniversary! Six years ago today, I came to live with mommy! Happy bunniversary to us, Mommy!

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White Stuff!!!!

White Stuff!!! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff!!!!!!!! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff!

White Stuff

White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff!!!!!! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff! White Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One Day at a Time

I don’t think things are going well for me. I’ve been hitting the bottle recently.

Also, I’m proud of my poo decorations. Humans are obsessed with litterboxes. I don’t see the big deal.

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My Birthday!!

It’s my birthday today!! I’m six-years-old! So, what are the odds mommy will file my teeth today? I’m taking bets.

Happy birthday to me!

What should I ask for my birthday? I’m thinking oats. Maybe I’ll get another toy!

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Privacy Please!

So, I was taking a nap in my box. And mommy decided to disturb me.

What’s wrong with letting a bunny have her privacy?

Do I always have to hide?

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In Memoriam

I don’t know why this wasn’t shown during the in memoriam segment at the emmys, but the world has lost a beloved celebunny.

Bink was one of the greats. The paparazzi followed him even into his retirement, his public loved him so. And I was one of them.

He is survived by his beloved, Delores.

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Bad Week

I haven’t felt like drinking water recently. And when you have a helicopter mommy like I do, that’s not the best thing ever. So, she was already watching me. Then when I really didn’t feel like eating my dinner Wednesday night, she got all weirded out and started acting like something was wrong. She proceeded to pick me up, and stick that plastic thing in my mouth and sqeeze that nucky stuff. Eck! Then she rubbed my tummy, when it’s already feeling icky! Really!

The next day, still not getting that she should just leave me alone, she tries to force feed me. And I’m like, Mommy!! I just don’t want to eat! I know I need to, and I will when I’m reminded to! So, don’t put that crap in my mouth!!

Friday, she still wasn’t letting it go. So, she thought it fit to TAKE ME TO THE V-E-T!!! Just because I wasn’t drinking water, was barely eating, and wasn’t peeing. I can do what I want! I have my own area!

Well, the vet saw no problem with sticking a plastic thing up my rear end!! WHAT?! And then she HANDLED me all over. She squeezed and pulled and touched and listened to. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so abused in my life!!

Finally, after all the atrocious treatment, the vet let me run about a little bit.

At least that was ok. So then she told mommy that my “problem” was “non-specific.” Seriously? I can get very specific! You humans are my problem. Geez.

Then she took me from mommy, and jabbed a painful sharp thing in me!!!! Something about water and fluids. Then she gave mommy some medicine to give me. I, of course, will refuse to take it. I don’t care what mommy does.

She told mommy to wait until Monday to see if I get better. I AM better! Geez.. I just wasn’t thirsty. Why do humans get all worked up?!

I ain’t taking that medication, though.

Also, here’s me in the carrying cage

Why do humans put us through this stuff?

Edit: I took the medicine. Dangit!

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Never Forget

I wasn’t alive when this happened. But, mommy’s talked about it, and I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s amazing to me sometimes how such resiliency and strength can exist in the human spirit. Because, I think the important thing to remember is not what they did (I mean we all know that there are truly evil humans in the world), but what we did; that we helped each other; we perservered; they couldn’t bring us down.

I think we should also remember all those touched by that day. Whether they lost their lives, gave their lives, barely escaped with their lives, or even worse, lost someone else.

Mommy’s told me her 9/11 story. What’s yours?

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got stuff?

I got stuff!! Mommy bought me some toys and things for my area. First of all, there’s the new bigger litter box and my brand new plastic bunny ring that I get to throw around.

Pardon the dark pictures; it was nighttime when mommy took these

I’ve also got a couple of things that are hanging from the wire frame surrounding my area that I get to play with and make noise with.

And, mommy cut out a box for me.

Oh, and I just wanted to put this one in. It’s me doing a flying leap into my litter box, just to prove that I was never too small for it, like SOME human that I know thought I was.


Mommy also got me a throne. I was so happy and ready to make it mine! So, of course, I peed on it. I don’t want any other bunny to get it. So, mommy said I can’t have it until I learn to pee in the litter box. Fine by me, the litter box in now my throne. I still pee on the floor. I don’t care.

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