Monthly Archives: September 2010

Quarterly Shed

So, I shed every 3 months. Like, right on the dot. Every September, December, March and June I get a new coat and my old one falls out. My mommy calls it my “Quarterly Shed.” She says I’m her “porcupine bunny” because … Continue reading

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I understand that nicknames are terms of endearment. And my mommy has some that I think are really nice. She calls me “Beedee,” “Abby” and “Miss Gail.” She thinks she speaks Spanish, so sometimes she’ll call me “conejita,” “poquita,” and … Continue reading

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My Teeth

I have malocclusion, which means my teeth don’t line up correctly. I have an underbite that is slightly off center. This is somewhat of a problem for bunnies, because our teeth are constantly growing. We eat food (hay for example) … Continue reading

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Cage Cleaning Day

First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that my mommy (aka my owner) cleans my cage every week. I am grateful that she uses odor absorbing litter at the bottom. So, I’m not just bitching and … Continue reading

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