Cage Cleaning Day

First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that my mommy (aka my owner) cleans my cage every week. I am grateful that she uses odor absorbing litter at the bottom. So, I’m not just bitching and moaning. The thing is, she used to put me outside in this doggy enclosure giving me plenty of room to run around. But now, she just leaves me in my carrying cage, and it’s barely bigger than I am!! I get somewhat claustrophobic. She says it’s because there is now a dog living in the building. I’ve seen the dog. He’d be more scared of me than I would ever be of him. Then today, she had finished cleaning, she had put the trays of litter back, she had added my platform, she had returned my bowls, and she had added fresh hay, but she REFUSED to put me back in the cage!! She thought it was better that she take out the trash instead. And, believe me, I was putting on my CUTEST face. I was doing that thing where I put both my front paws on the edge of the carrying cage and poke my head just over the top. Trust me, it’s extraordinarily effective. But, it’s like she didn’t even realize she hadn’t put me back!

Anyway, after the extra time in the carrying cage, she eventually got the message and put me back in my regular cage (it’s kinda like an indoor hutch), and I got to snack on some fresh hay. I suppose I should be grateful for that too. I really am. I just can’t stand that freaking carrying cage!

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