I understand that nicknames are terms of endearment. And my mommy has some that I think are really nice. She calls me “Beedee,” “Abby” and “Miss Gail.” She thinks she speaks Spanish, so sometimes she’ll call me “conejita,” “poquita,” and “loquita.” But, then she has some that are shall we say disrespectful….like “stank butt” or “stanky.” Look, I’m a rabbit. I don’t shower everyday. But, I DO clean myself. I bathe myself just like a kitty would. And, frankly, I find “stank butt” to be quite offensive. To add insult to injury, she’ll turn “stanky” into “Spanish” by calling me “stankita.” Oh, good Lord!! That’s not a word in any language!! So, I’m curious, what nicknames do your owners call you? Leave a comment and let me know.

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