Quarterly Shed

So, I shed every 3 months. Like, right on the dot. Every September, December, March and June I get a new coat and my old one falls out. My mommy calls it my “Quarterly Shed.” She says I’m her “porcupine bunny” because I have tuffs of fur that stick together as they fall out, and they look like little spikes. Essentially, I kinda become a little fuzz ball. And even I have to admit that quite a large amount of fur falls out. I mean, I’m a little bunny, and in less than a week, my mommy finds HUGE balls of fur all over our apartment. My fur travels.

My mommy will try to brush me – and incidentally, I really love it. It’s a weird mix between relaxing and stimulating. I highly recommend it. But, I digress. Brushing me just tends to loosen the fur and make it fall out faster. It’s supposed to prevent me from getting fur balls (that’s an entire subject in and of itself). But, it doesn’t change my porcupineness.

So, how often do you shed? And what does your owner do about it?

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