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I coulda been a contenda

So, yeah, mommy filed my teeth on my birthday. Guh! Okay, I survived it. I’m still here. And, yes, she did give me oats, carrots and broccoli. She did my teeth before she gave me the munchies so I could fully … Continue reading

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Hey, Bunny, it’s yo birfday; we gonna party like it’s yo birfday

That’s right, today’s my birthday! I’m five today. Holland lops tend to live anywhere between 6 – 12 years, so I’m either really old or barely middle aged. I don’t feel old. I’m still a spaz. I still lack the … Continue reading

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Navel Gazing

I was looking over my recent blog entries, and I realized that I have been quite the bunny downer. I’ve spent the last month bitching about my life and my mommy; both of which are great. So, I decided that … Continue reading

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I was just sitting here in my cage looking at pictures of my family – my mommy put framed pictures of my brother and my birth mother in my cage – and it just got me thinking how sad it … Continue reading

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Be a Good Bunny

“Mama’s gonna go now, Stankita, you be good.” This is usually the last thing my mommy says before she leaves in the morning. Exactly how much mischief can a little bunny who lives in a cage get into, you may wonder. … Continue reading

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