I was just sitting here in my cage looking at pictures of my family – my mommy put framed pictures of my brother and my birth mother in my cage – and it just got me thinking how sad it really is to be a bunny, or really any domesticated “pet.”

My brother’s name is Thumper, and he looks exactly like me, only bigger (I was the runt; keep the opinions to yourself please). The only reason I have a picture of him is that his adoptive family used to know my mommy, and they gave her the picture. My birth mother’s name is, excuse me, was Butterscotch. The thing is, when I found out she died, I really didn’t care. I didn’t feel anything, except hungry. How sad is that? She gave birth to me, but I barely knew her. I mean, there was a time when I had 2 brothers and a sister. And now, I don’t even know what’s become of my sister and my other brother. I don’t know their names. If I didn’t have the picture of Thumper, I probably wouldn’t even remember him. I do think about him, though. What he’s eating, where he’s hopping. Does he like to hop into walls like I do? Does his mommy give him oats too? Does he have malocclusion also? I google him on occasion, but I haven’t found him yet. He’s not on facebook or twitter. He doesn’t have a blog…

I don’t know how my birth mother died, only that she did. My mommy doesn’t have a lot of details. But, she knows that my birth mother was having diarrhea, and she lost a lot of weight. Her adoptive mommy said that it may have been uterine cancer. For once in my life, I’m glad for my forced hysterectomy. I’m actually older than she was when she died. I don’t know what comes next.

But, that’s the life of a “pet.” As much love as we are given, that same amount of love is taken away. You don’t think that I loved my siblings? That I didn’t love my birth mother? ‘Cause I did. And I haven’t been allowed to be there for them, to see them live their lives. All I’ve had is these two pictures in my cage. Did you know that my birth mother tried to have more children? She tried. But, she couldn’t. She just had stillbirth after stillbirth. I think she had one live baby. But, we were her only successful litter. And, I didn’t get to be there for her when her babies died. I didn’t get to meet my other sibling.

Humans just don’t get it. They think that because they feed us, and we like it when they pet us, that we don’t need anything else. They think that because they get so much from us, we get the same amount in return. And, I don’t mean to speak for every puppy and kitty and fish and guinea pig and bunny out there, but sometimes we need more.

All I’m saying is, I miss my family.

What about you? Does your owner let you see your family?

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