Navel Gazing

I was looking over my recent blog entries, and I realized that I have been quite the bunny downer. I’ve spent the last month bitching about my life and my mommy; both of which are great. So, I decided that I would focus on something positive today.

I’m freaking adorable.

Seriously, I may very well be the cutest bunny ever. And that isn’t really my opinion. After all, I can’t recognize myself. When I look in the mirror, I think I’ve made a new friend. It’s not just my mommy’s opinion, either. Nope, every person I meet – even the ones that are allergic to me – think that I’m the cutest thing that they have ever seen.

It may be because I’m little and furry and cute. I’m the size of a Netherland Dwarf, but I’m a Holland lop. It could be that, even though I am “prey,” I’m not afraid of people. I mean, people are the source of petting. I enjoy petting, ergo, I enjoy people. I have a tendency to hop directly to people so that they can pet me. I think they think it’s cute. Mommy says that I am a very “social” bunny and a very “charismatic” bunny. Whatever. People like me.

I’ll steal my mommy’s cell phone and post some pictures of me in my next entry.

What about you? Are you cute too? Does your cuteness earn you a lot of petting as well?

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