Hey, Bunny, it’s yo birfday; we gonna party like it’s yo birfday

That’s right, today’s my birthday! I’m five today. Holland lops tend to live anywhere between 6 – 12 years, so I’m either really old or barely middle aged. I don’t feel old. I’m still a spaz. I still lack the capacity for sitting still whilst outside of my cage. I haven’t found any new grey hairs, although, I am grey, so…….

I’m probably going to have a quiet birthday, which is cool. I suspect mommy will give me oats or carrots or broccoli, or dare I dream, all three. I do have a sinking feeling that she may file my teeth today. Really, mommy, on my birthday!?!?!? Can’t we do that tomorrow?!?!?! It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!

Anyway, I promised a picture of me, so here we go:

One Productive Bunny

I was sitting on my mommy’s supervisor’s desk at her old job. I used to go to work on occasion with my mommy because a co-worker of hers (my birth mother’s adoptive mother) used to file my teeth. Though, I don’t think she ever did it on my birthday, just sayin’.
So, what do your owners do for you on your birthday?
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