I coulda been a contenda

So, yeah, mommy filed my teeth on my birthday. Guh! Okay, I survived it. I’m still here. And, yes, she did give me oats, carrots and broccoli. She did my teeth before she gave me the munchies so I could fully enjoy them and chew them. And, it was over quickly.

Ya know, it’s just a sad thing that I have this tooth problem, because I always wanted to be a show bunny. The picture I posted below is an old one, I was younger. I’m not trying to lie about my age, I’ve always been honest, I’m just saying that I’ve filled out a little bit since then. I look kinda scrawny in that picture. Anyway, I have an ok body shape, head and crown, and I naturally sit like that. I mean it’s really comfortable all the time. No one has to put me in that position, I’ll gladly do it myself. My ears may be a little long and thin, but it really doesn’t matter because I’d be disqualified because of my teeth automatically. My mommy likes that. She’s glad I can’t do beauty pageants. She doesn’t believe that they are good for my self-esteem, and she doesn’t want to be a stage mother. She doesn’t want to see me parading around like that. So, it’s not a loss to her. But, I’m pretty……

What about you? Are you pure bred? Do you participate in shows?

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