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What’s Thanksgiving without leftovers?

Well, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving! My mommy and I went to my human grandmother’s house. I really hate having to ride in the carrying cage, and I’m not a fan of new places. But, after about an hour, I … Continue reading

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Glamour Shots

My increased playtime has led to an absolutely amazing discovery!! My mommy keeps a whole bunch of pictures in a basket on the floor next to the couch. I hopped upon this basket recently. And do you know what I … Continue reading

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Human Appreciation

My mommy gets on my nerves sometimes. She often talks to me in some kind of “bunny speech” or “bunnyese.” Like, yesterday, she said something was horrible, but she actually said “horriboo.” Or if I’m cute while eating my food, … Continue reading

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Free at Last….

Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you the amount of play time I have had recently! Mommy has repeatedly let me out of my cage to roam the entire front room of our apartment!! Well, except for the kitchen; she … Continue reading

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Never gonna happen, my friend…

Oh, my mommy is so cute. She keeps trying to give me things to chew, knowing full well that I won’t do it. Today, she gave me a toilet paper roll. It’s interesting. I’ll play with it. But, I’m not … Continue reading

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Spark It

Well, today is election day in America, and my mommy did her civic duty. She didn’t tell me how she voted. Who am I gonna tell? I mean really? But, everyone here in the Southland is talking about Proposition 19 … Continue reading

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