Free at Last….

Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you the amount of play time I have had recently! Mommy has repeatedly let me out of my cage to roam the entire front room of our apartment!! Well, except for the kitchen; she thinks I’m gonna go behind the refrigerator and the oven, just because I’ve done it before.

Who could say no to this face?

So, now when she cleans my cage, I get to be free as the wind, if the wind were a 3 lb. bunny! It’s even better than when she put me in the doggy enclosure – which did give me some room to play – and certainly better than the carrying cage.

Mommy used to be really good about letting me play. When I was little, she’d automatically let me out of my cage as soon as she got home from work. But, then we moved to a new home where I wasn’t allowed out of my cage, so mommy could only let me play outside in the doggy enclosure (I like saying enclosure). Then it became habit. But, now I get to run and hop and explore…. I feel alive again. It’s fantastic!!

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1 Response to Free at Last….

  1. Jessica says:

    That looks just like my carrier. Nothing good has ever happened after being put in mine.

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