Glamour Shots

My increased playtime has led to an absolutely amazing discovery!! My mommy keeps a whole bunch of pictures in a basket on the floor next to the couch. I hopped upon this basket recently. And do you know what I found? Why, pictures of me of course!!!! Several years ago, when my mommy was still working at her old job, a professional photographer was hired to take pictures of some clients. Well, she decided to take some pictures of me and mommy! It was so much fun! We went to a park and I got to run around COMPLETELY FREE!!!! I didn’t have a leash or an enclosure of any kind. It was amazing!! Mommy was able to keep up with me and prevent me from running off. I felt like a wild bunny! 

The photographer’s name was Erica Hartman, and she owns these three images, so you better not take them!! Anyway, here are the pictures.

Soul Bunny

This is me and mommy. I’m so intense aren’t I? If I cut out mommy, this could be my head shot.

Miss Hollywood

Yeah, I’m hot. Actually, this was the result of running around an open park for an hour. I was really pooped! I was just plain tuckered. I needed a rest. I just happen to look like a queen as I rest.

The next picture is the one that mommy says is her favorite. It’s me and mommy again. Or really, me looking over mommy’s leg. I guess I can see it. I am looking particularly adorable in this one.


 Gosh, I have such great memories of that day. Playing in the sand box, sitting on the slide, running across a bridge, lounging under a tree. So much fun! And, now I’ve found the pictures!!

So, what kind of adventures have your owners taken you on?

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