Tooth Filing Day

Today was tooth filing day, and it was particularly traumatic. I actually thought that I could make a break for it. When mommy had me on the towel that she wraps me in I bolted. Well, I tried to, several times, but mommy is just too strong for me. I hate it, I tell you. HATE it! I hate getting my teeth filed! But, I have no choice. Why? Because this is what my teeth look like after 2 weeks:

BTW, these pictures were taken by a cell phone. Mommy doesn’t have a digital camera because she lives in the dark ages. I mean, she JUST started watching Lost and I’M the one with a blog. Talk about behind.

Here’s another one:

You can really see my underbite in this one. And for those of you that were wondering, no, bunnies do not like to be put in this position. I just told mommy that I wanted to show everyone what my teeth look like, so she took the pictures for me. Anyway, this is what my teeth look like now after filing:

Much better. So much easier to eat with my teeth like this. I almost look like a “normal” bunny. Except, my upper left (or as you look at it, right) tooth is actually turned a little bit.

I’m just relieved that I don’t have to go through this again for two weeks.

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