More About Teeth

I found this picture here. This is exactly what my mommy does to my teeth. Except that she uses a child’s toothbrush instead of what looks like a syringe.

Mommy worries about my teeth sometimes. Because if there is malocclusion in the incisors, then malocclusion in the molars is possible. Yesterday, she gave me a “facial massage.” She said she wanted to see if I have any overgrowth or an absess. If I squirmed or jerked, she would know that there might be something wrong. She massaged my cheeks, my jaw, and my nose. She said that I may have had a little bump in my jaw, but it may have always been there. Everything else seemed normal. And I didn’t react to any place that she touched. I actually found it kind of relaxing.  So for right now, she says that I’m having no trouble eating, my mouth isn’t open in a “surprised” expression, and I’m not drooling. So, I’m ok.  She could just ask. But, whatever.

This is the life of a “special needs” bunny.

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