I love the holiday season. I love trying to eat the Christmas tree, just as mommy tells me it’s fake. I love sniffing the presents to see if any of them smell like they might be for me. I love finding my stocking full of treats. I love that mommy is home so much, and I get a massive amount of play time. And the food!!! I always gain weight during the holidays.

I even met Santa Claus one year! He was at PetSmart. Mommy took me there so I could meet him and get my picture taken with him. It was fun. That dude’s big. He may even be furrier that me. Seriously, I got lost in his beard. I’m a lop bunny, and he had to hold my ears up just so I’d be more noticeable.

Here’s the picture of me, mommy and Santa.

Where's Bunny?

I asked for apples that year, and I got them. That man delivers.

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