Moving Day

Tomorrow’s moving day. Mommy and I are going to be living with some other humans now. Mommy says that she needs to save money for graduate school. More proof that being a bunny is better. I’ve lived with other humans before. It’s ok. Most of the time they just leave me alone, but I’d rather they actually played with me.

Of course, what I’m really concerned about is the affect this will have on my playtime. The last time we lived with other humans, I wasn’t allowed a lot of playtime. I don’t know if this is acceptable. 

What? No playtime?

Mommy’s kinda worried about all the stuff that she still needs to do. But, I’m already packed. I got right on top of that when I heard we were moving. Mommy really needs to take one of these:

Talk to you guys later, from my new home!

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1 Response to Moving Day

  1. the bunns says:

    Good luck. Bite their ankles if they give you trouble. Keep us informed.

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