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Well, here mommy and I are in our brand new home. It’s definitely quieter than the old one. We do live near an airport, but it’s a small one, and the insulation in this place is great. So, I barely notice it, and I would notice it if it were loud.

The other humans seem to be nice, but as expected, they really aren’t interested in playing with me.

Which brings me to my main topic, playtime. We moved on Sunday. That’s Sunday,  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days and not one iota of playtime!!!! Granted the room has been an mess, and mommy has been trying to organize and rearrange all the furniture, etc. But, STILL!! 5 days! I haven’t been allowed to run around in 5 days. I need the exercise. I need to maintain my girlish figure.

I don’t want to be a brat about it. I mean, look at me waiting patiently:

Anytime now mommy

But, she still didn’t get it, so I had to give more visual clues:

Let me out of this prison cell!

Mommy thought it better that she take pictures of me instead. Oh, when will I be set free?!

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  1. the bunns says:

    FREE THE BUNN! Join the protest!

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