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Another Baby Picture

Mommy found another baby picture of me. Really, I was such a spaz as a kid that all of my pictures are blurry. I was quite the fat little bunny wasn’t I?….I guess not much has changed. I think this … Continue reading

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I’m saving some for later

Mommy took this picture yesterday: She thinks it’s funny that I “always” leave one leaf in my bowl. But, seriously, what if I get hungry later? I’m just being smart about my meal planning.

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Surprise Playtime

Given that I was in trouble on Monday, I must say I’m quite surprised that I got playtime today! Mommy let me have the run of the area next to my cage, leading into the bathroom. Let me remind everybun … Continue reading

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I’m in trouble

But, I swear, it’s only partly my fault. Mommy really needs to take some responsibility. Here’s the thing, I’m really good about not peeing outside my cage, but mommy has never actually potty-trained me. So, the fact that I rarely do … Continue reading

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Feeling Yucky

I woke up with a stomach ache this morning, which really bites because not only do I feel like crap, but mommy freaks out.  She held me like this: and gave me a tummy rub and “nucky stuff.” I freakin’ hate … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland?

Mommy showed me some pictures of her trip. This is where we could be living next year. Anybunny know what that white stuff is? I wonder if it’s fun to play in. It looks like it tastes good. So while … Continue reading

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‘Sup from Grandma’s

I’m hangin’ at my human grandmother’s house in my bunny hotel. Mommy is interviewing for graduate school in some really cold places. If she gets accepted I’m gonna have to move again. Doh! Really?!? So more lack of playtime? Anyway, … Continue reading

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Power to the People!

Looks like the protest worked because I’ve been all about the playtime! Either that, or mommy reads my blog, which she said she doesn’t! I’ve really had so much fun exploring the new digs. Mommy is trying to be all … Continue reading

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