Big Change Coming Up

So, mommy got into graduate school in some of the cold places, and she’s decided to go to the one with the white stuff; as seen here:

I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m interested in seeing the white stuff…um….snow. But, it’s supposed to be really cold. And…well…after all the hard work and energy I’ve put into shedding, I’m just gonna have to grow all that fur back?! I mean, look how hard I’ve worked:

It’s like it means nothing. But, I’m glad for mommy, and I’ll have the opportunity to play in the white stuff  snow (even though mommy says I won’t like it, I am DETERMINED).  I’ve only lived in Southern California. This is gonna be weird.

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3 Responses to Big Change Coming Up

  1. Nicole says:

    Don’t worry, you have another six months to regrow your fur! Snow’s not so bad… Frank apparently used to love burrowing in the snow! (But last time I gave him the chance, he decided to stay inside… maybe that’s getting old for you? Anyway, congratulations 🙂

  2. the bunns says:

    Minnesota! That is not just white – it is COLD. (But Cinnamon lives there!)

  3. abigailemily says:

    Comments are working now! I swear, computers are more frustrating than humans!

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