Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Bunny Mother’s Day, everybun! As you know, today is the day that we in the bunny community celebrate our human and bunny mothers, not to be confused with human Mother’s Day last week…………ok, I’m messing with you. There is no such thing as Bunny Mother’s Day. I just didn’t get around to scanning the pictures I needed for this post. But, I figure better late than never, so I’ll do it today.

First of all, I wanted to honor my two mothers, 1) my human owner whom I choose to call “mommy” and 2) my birth mother Butterscotch.

Mommy gets all weirded out when I put pictures of her on here. So, I’ll just say that mommy has been taking care of me for 5 years. She gives me all the food and love that I’ll ever need, plus playtime and petting. I know she loves me even though she gets on my nerves and talks in a stupid language like I don’t understand English (“cue bunny nee foo” is “cute bunny needs food”). She takes care of my teeth when other humans would have killed me rather than take care of me, and even though I hate getting my teeth filed, I know that if she didn’t do it, I would be dead. So, I really love and appreciate my mommy.

And this is my birth mother Butterscotch (R.I.P.):

I don’t think I take after her side of the family.

I was born with 4 other babies. I was the last and the smallest. The baby who was born before me stole all my blood in utero, making it really big and me really small. So, then when it was being born, it got stuck and died. See what happens when you steal? Anyway, I was the smallest, but I fought and persevered because I knew I was gonna be loved by a nice human. Butterscotch was only able to have one other baby after I left home. And, I was never able to meet that baby. In fact, I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to Butterscotch before she died. I think she had uterine cancer, but I’m not sure. But, regardless, I appreciate that she brought me and my brothers and sister into the world and fed us until our human parents came to take care of us. And, I love both my mothers.

Happy belated Mother’s Day everybun!!!

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4 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful bunny mom! Unfortunately uterine cancer is extremely common in unspayed does, and sets on way too early. She was lovely.

    and to your mom… Congrats on getting into the grad school with the white stuff!!!! And to Abigail Emily… Good luck in the place with the white stuff. You’re in for a rude awakening…

  2. Christina says:

    Your mom is a carbon copy of my baby Stewart (RIP). Momma Ginger gave birth to 4 boys…..Stewart, Spencer, Beau and Boomer. Beau is in a lovely home and Spencer is still at the rescue. Mom Ginger just went across the bridge recently. They all looked exactly alike. Your mom was beautiful.

  3. The Meezers says:

    awww your bunny mommy was beautiful! No wonder you’re beautiful – you got that from her

  4. the bunns says:

    Yur doing exactly what a bunn is to do!

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