It Begins

I’m in hell. I’m sorry if I offend anybun with my language, but that is how I feel. Because this is my life now.

And this is what I think about it.

I used to have a platform, now I have 2 paper bags. What the what!?! But, before this horrible existence began, mommy had to clean my cage. So, she put me in my carrying cage so I would “stay out of trouble.” She also left the top of the cage open, knowing full well that I can hop out if I try hard enough. So, I did. Here’s me with my stuff.

And me under the bed.

The problem with escaping is that you eventually get caught. Then you get a camera in your face.

Anyway, this blows. I am looking forward to the increased playtime, though.

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5 Responses to It Begins

  1. Lisa says:

    That is such a pretty little cage.

  2. SixBunnies says:

    Wow, AbigailEmily! The House of Rabbits is a very exclusive place! They don’t just invite anybunny for a one way visit! You are so special! I can see why they invited you, though. You are pretty awesome! Hang in there, Baby Girl! You’ll get outta that cage! I just know it! 🙂

  3. christina says:

    I am pretty sure you are going to be just fine. LOL

  4. the bunns says:

    want a one-way ticket to The House of Rabbits?

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