Sad day for all bun-kind

Cinnamon is no longer with us.

RIP Queen

I am speechless.

I will miss you so so much, Queen Cinnamon. You were a goddess among bunnies.

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5 Responses to Sad day for all bun-kind

  1. Lisa says:

    So sad. RIP. Cinnamon will be sorely missed.

    In response to your question on my blog, we think apple branches are VERY nommy, and we nom them down like no one’s business. Mommy thinks they’re also good for our teeth, in that they’re one more (safe) thing for us to chew on, that isn’t the furniture!

  2. Oh… Nudges from Cinnamon’s cousins at the BP… They are very sad to hear Cinnamon has left us all!

  3. the bunns says:

    Yuppers – a sad day. RIP Cinny-bunn

  4. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    I wish I could have been at the celebration they threw on the other side of the bridge when she arrived! Can you imagine???? We will all miss her. I was devistated! I cried all afternoon at work when I learned about it. You bunnies are all just too regal and majestic to remain here with us hoomins for too long. You have to eventually cross over to some place more mystical and worthy of you. I’m glad you are sticking around with us for a long time AbigailEmily!

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