I’m Alive

Well, that was just horrible. First of all, I had to sit on a cold table – that I couldn’t hop around on without slipping – for 30 minutes. Then the vet came in and HANDLED me. She kept touching me all over my body, and she put this really cold thing next to my chest, and she felt all over my head and tummy and legs and hips and teeth. It was awful.

Then she went away, and I had to sit on the metal table again. When she came back she had a towel for me to sit on, finally. So THEN, someone else came in to hold me (!) as the vet stuck this THING with a light on it inside my mouth. Believe me, I chewed the crap out of that thing. I don’t want things shoved in my mouth!

The vet said that my teeth on the left side of my mouth were actually pretty good, but the ones on the right side of my mouth were kinda uneven and a little sharp. She said that I have a “laceration” on my right cheek (so that’s what that was). She actually tried to file my tooth right then and there! Yeah, that’s not happening. She also said that I have one tooth that may be “overhanging” too much, and it may have to come out.

So now, I HAVE TO GO BACK to the vet on Thursday to be put under anesthesia so that the vet can file my molars and possibly take out one tooth. I have to go back!?!? All day?!?! Under anesthesia?!?! What the FRACK?!?!?! I’m a little bunny and I’m 5. What if I don’t survive? That happens!

It makes me angry that mommy’s all happy about it, because she’ll only have to have this done once every 6 months to a year. But, that means I’ll have to have it done to me once every 6 months to a year!! Mommy’s also glad that I may only have one tooth taken out so I can still eat, which I am also appreciative of, but still…

Also, mommy’s been telling everybun that I weigh 3 lbs when I actually weigh 2 lbs 13 oz. No girl wants to round up her weight!!! What are you doing to me mommy?

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7 Responses to I’m Alive

  1. Daisy says:

    Hi, Abigail Emily. Try not to worry too much. I’m sure you will be fine. You sound like a pretty tough bunny, like me.

    The vet says my back teeth are “funky” and don’t line up right, so they grow long and pointy. A couple of them were even curved. I had them filed under anesthesia a couple of times, and I bounced right back from it. Finally, the vet said I needed two teeth taken out, or I would have to do this every 3 or 4 months. When he got in there, he saw it was worse than he thought, and he took out four of them! Three upper and one lower.

    I had to take medicine two or three times a day for three weeks and also some penicillin shots. The vet and mommy said it was so I wouldn’t get an infection, even though I know that no nasty germs would dare to bother me! I hated that, and I bit mommy’s thumb really hard one day.

    So all of that was pretty bad, but now I’m better than ever. The vet called me a “superbunny” for doing such a good job of healing. Before I had them taken out, I used to hide in the corner behind my box most of the time, because my mouth hurt, and I didn’t want her to know that. Now, I’m much happier and even more friendly to mommy, because I feel so much better.

    And I can still eat my food before Penelope (my best bunny friend forever) can steal it from me. 🙂


  2. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    AbigailEmily, how did your doctor’s visit go today? Please let us know!

  3. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    Having a bit of tooth trouble is not too bad I’ve been told. Mr. Mick on the Zen of Bun sometimes has to get his teeth filed down, too, and he doesn’t like it either, but he can chew easier afterwards. I can just imagine you were awefully cute sitting on the exam table, even if you had pouty look on your mouf! Let us know how you are doing as soon as you get back home on Thursday, please!

  4. the bunns says:

    Take it! It’s way better than you feared in your last post.

    BL ALWAYS takes a towel along to let us sit on – the vet never seems to think of that.

  5. Lisa says:

    This is great news, Abigail! The vet is going to keep you coming back to make sure you’re ok, but if you keep going back, you WILL be ok! Your mommy must be very scared about Thursday. We will most certainly spend the day thinking of you.

    2 lbs 13? My word, you are a tiny little girl! We thought you were our size, but we both weigh over 4 pounds!

    ❤ Biff and Sogna

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