Glad that’s over

Hi everybunny, sorry I didn’t report yesterday, but I was really tired, and I didn’t feel like getting on my iBun.

Anyway, I went to the vet yesterday, and I came through ok. I don’t really remember much about it because of the anesthesia. I remember riding to the vet and back (though I was groggy) in the awful carrying cage. I remember mommy yelling at a human to “GO!!!!” And then, on the way back, I remember her horrible singing (really, mommy, my ears are big, it hurts). But, other than that…I remember leaving really early in the morning (I didn’t even get to finish my breakfast). I remember being taken away from mommy. I remember being HANDLED(!) as they took me out of the cage and set me on the table. I remember hating it that mommy wasn’t there. It’s better when mommy is there. Then the next thing I knew I was in my carrying cage again. So, the worst of it I didn’t have to experience.

My mouth feels weird. But, I think it is easier to chew. They didn’t take out any of my teeth, but the vet said that I’m actually missing some. She also filed my front teeth, which mommy usually does, and I’m gonna say it, she did a better job than mommy.

I’m just glad this whole experience is over. I know I’m gonna have to go through it all again in six months, but I’m just trying to concentrate on the fact that I’ll be in the place with the white stuff, with my own area in a couple months.

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6 Responses to Glad that’s over

  1. christina says:

    Glad you are feeling better sweetness. Thanks for your kind words at our place.

  2. The Meezers says:

    oh dear, filing teefs does not sound pleasant! we is glad that you is feeling a little better though

  3. the bunns says:

    One day at a time now A-E. Besides – it’s a long time before white stuff too.

  4. Lisa says:

    Did they have to file your molars sweetie?? So glad it sounds like you’re going to be just fine!!!

  5. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    Yeah, AbigailEmily! I knew everything would be okay … Here, Jamal wants to type something to ya … Hey, it’s me, Jamal. I’m mom’s favorite bunny (okay, I made that up … but I think I should be mom’s favorite bunny!) Mom told me about your ordeal and I just want to say that we here in Texas were thinking about you! I hope you post lots of pictures of the white stuff! It’s my personal belief that the white stuff is much better fur us furry guys than the 100+ degree heat! Whew … stay cool Girly Bun! … back to mom. Sleep well and rest up from all that activity AbigailEmily!

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