Am I perky?

Mommy says I’ve been “perkier” since I had my tooth overhaul. She thinks I hop around more, and I beg to get out of my cage more.

She thinks it’s because my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. But, I never said my mouth DID hurt. I don’t like it when humans make assumptions about me. Anyway, it does mean that I get a lot of playtime, where I get to investigate mommy’s foot:

And figure out the cable:

Which is nice. Also, mommy has been saying that I’m cuter now (I was under the impression that such a thing was not possible, but whatever) because I am no longer a “wet bunny” (runny nose, watery eyes, drooling, etc.). That’s just her opinion.

So, I think I’m doing pretty good, post toothing.

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2 Responses to Am I perky?

  1. the bunns says:

    Feeling good – good. You are still quite the wise acre!

  2. Lisa says:

    YAY! Sounds like you are feeling SO MUCH BETTER, Abigail!!! We are so happy for you. And you tell your mommy all her worrying was for nothing 😉

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