See what happens when humans don’t have furniture.

This is how mommy and I are living now because mommy had to sell/give away all of her furniture and hasn’t finished packing.

And I’ll be honest, I’m kinda scared of all that stuff. I don’t really want to venture out into it when I have playtime.

Well, maybe I’ll try.

But, it’s all just a reminder that we are at T minus 4 days until we leave for the place with the white stuff. Mommy said that it’s gonna take us 5 days to get there. AND I’m gonna finally meet my human uncle. That’s really cool. We’ve never met before, but I hear he’s pro-rabbit.

Just a few more days!

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5 Responses to Pigsty

  1. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    Oh, Sweetheart! I am so happy for you! I know that will make you and your mommy very happy! How exciting! I can’t weight to hear that you are all settled in! And, your uncle sounds very nice! Any pro rabbit person usually is very nice!

  2. Carla says:

    I think it’s only fair if you get new furniture too! Mom should get rid of that cage and get you a super luxurius abode from leithpetwerks or even a double-door dog crate like Daisy and I have. It’s collapsable and comfy!

    • abigailemily says:

      That’s the plan. Mommy already has a doggy enclosure that I get to use when I play outside. She’s gonna buy me a litter box, and the enclosure will me my new home. No more cage!!

  3. the bunns says:

    The BIG Adventure – coming up!

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