Well, this is our last day before our road trip to the place with the white stuff. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog on the road. I mean, I’ll have my iBun, but I don’t know how good the service will be. So, this is it. I’ll give details when I can. Talk to you from the place with the white stuff!

Also, mommy decided to make our last day here horrible by filing my teeth. She even gloated saying, “yup, I did a good job on those teeth.” Geez……

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3 Responses to Tomorrow…

  1. Jodi (SixBunnies) says:

    Two girls on the road! Have fun girls! Road trip!

  2. the bunns says:

    We’ll be a-thinkin’ of ya A-E…

  3. Lisa says:

    That was probably a good idea on your Mommy’s part, Abigail. The last thing she wants is for you to have your teeth bothering you when you’re so uncomfortable to begin with, being stuck in the car and all.

    Good luck and have a great trip, and enjoy the scenery, Mom!

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