We’re Here!

Well I just have so much to say about the trip. But, I’ll just start by saying that we are here at the place with the white stuff……..and there is no white stuff. In fact, it’s hot! Mommy said that there wouldn’t be white stuff for a couple of months. She took me to the window and showed me that there was, in fact, no white stuff. Mommy said that this place is actually called Min-eh-soh-tuh, and that I should probably learn it because calling it the place with the white stuff when there isn’t white stuff doesn’t really make sense. I’m just disappointed. I wish mommy had told me before…..

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3 Responses to We’re Here!

  1. Lisa says:

    Glad everyone and everybun made it there safe, sound, happy, healthy, etc. 🙂

  2. the bunns says:

    We done toll ya and toll ya …. but did you listen? NOOOoooooo ….. Hot summer and white-stuff winter. Wonderful fall and spring! You’ll love it!

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