Bottle vs Bowl

Mommy found us a place to live, so I’m back in the cage. Fear not! Mommy is working on building my area. I still need a litter box that is small enough for me to get into (although, I think I could easily get into a kitty box, mommy wants to make the learning process as easy as possible for me – whatever).

Does anybunny know what kind of litter to use? Mommy puts clay kitty litter in the bottom of my cage, but if I’m gonna be walking in it, I don’t want to use that stuff. Let me know.

Anyway, being back in my cage meant that mommy was gonna give me the water bottle again, and I so enjoyed drinking out of the bowl (it felt so much more natural), I didn’t want to go back to the bottle, which lead to the great Bottle vs Bowl Standoff of 2011.

I lost. I didn’t want to at first, but what can I say, I was thirsty.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting my area soon! Really looking forward to it!

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5 Responses to Bottle vs Bowl

  1. the bunns says:

    Crown Animal Bedding – comes in 40lb bags for about $10 at a farm store. It’s little pellets, recycled paper, very odor free and absorbent. The bunns here like it mucho …

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Abigail!

    I attached an article from about different litter options. If you scroll down there is a chart that shows each possibility and its dangers/benefits/drawbacks.

    Clay kitty litter is bad news bears, so are cedar and pine shavings. We use Yesterday’s News. Just like Carefresh, it is made from paper (Yesterday’s News = recycled paper, get it?). But Yesterday’s News is in compressed pellet form, whereas carefresh is fluffy and light. We used to use carefresh, but for us carefresh is just a little too easy to toss and kick around, it would be all over the apartment. But it’s probably better for buns with delicate little pawsies 😉

    I know a lot of people who use just straight newspaper. They either go to a nearby bodega and ask the workers if they can have whatever papers didn’t sell that day. The drawback to using newspaper is that you need to change it every day, but it saves a lot of money. This is actually what my local NYC rescue recommends, though.

  3. SixBunnies says:

    I have a small “auto waterer” in each bun’s living area. I just started using it because only one bun would use a bottle. The others wouldn’t have anything to do with it. And, I wanted them to drink more water. They love the little auto waterers and drink almost a full container, which is about a litre every day or so … well, some of it gets sopped up by the towels that get thrown into the bowls of the devices … but that’s another story! Your place looks lovely … at least the hardwood floors that we can see are very nice. I’ve heard they are fun to run on for bunnies, once they get the hang of it. All you need is two boxes of NIC panels from Target and a bag of cable ties and you have a bunny condo delux! Plans can be found online, just google NIC bunny condos! Lots of fun!

  4. Clay litter is not good for bunnies; if any of it clings to their fur and they groom it off, it can cause blockages. For Mr. Mick’s litterbox, I use a litter made from coconut husks called Kitty’s Crumble–I get it through Amazon. It’s biodegradable, will not hurt a bunny if it’s ingested and is excellent at absorbing odors. I put about an inch in his litterbox and cover that with hay.

    Paper-based litters such as Yesterday’s News and Carefresh are also good.

    As to Bottle vs, Bowl, why not use both? I have a water bowl for Mick, but it’s also recommended that you use a bottle as well–gives the bunny a variety of options and increases the chance that they will drink more water.

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