The Time Has Come

Looks like somebunny has gotten her own area! I wonder who that bunny could be!

And while I am in dire need of more toys, I have clearly learned how to effectively make a massive mess. I’m still learning the whole litter box thing. I mean, I get it and all, I just sometimes forget until it’s too late. Mommy has been wiping up my messes and putting them in the litterbox, just in case I forget where it goes. It’s definitely been helpful. Does anybun else know ways that I can remember?

Anyway, I LOVE my area! I have so much space!! It’s twice the size of my bunny condo, and three times the size of my bunny hotel! And mommy was really nice about letting me get used to it. She let me explore the area and leave my cage behind when I was ready.

And, sometimes I just wasn’t.

So that was helpful.

I really feel like I have room to spread out and be myself. I could use a throne, though. And what kinds of toys do you guys have? ‘Cause I need some more of those too.

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5 Responses to The Time Has Come

  1. the bunns says:

    You got lots of great ideas there! w(hite vinegar is what we use) and plenty of litter boxes until you teach them just which one, and where, is what you want. But don’t be in a hurry – 2-foots are very slow to learn and need a lot of mistakes and false starts and such.

  2. abigailemily says:

    I told mommy I could handle a bigger litter box, but she didn’t believe me. Maybe now that I have some “outside support” she’ll get me one.

  3. Lisa says:

    My suggestion to help speed up litter training is same as 6Buns – Bigger litter box! I used to use the same triangle box and get frustrated because Biffy wouldn’t use it. Turns out it was just too small! Usually “large” sized cat litter boxes, just the regular rectangle ones, that are maybe 16 or 17″ x 12 or 13″ are about the right size. Also, one thing I was told early on that was tremendously helpful… put some hay in there! I know it sounds gross but for some reasons buns love to do their business and munch at the same time. Also, if you keep on going in the same place, (that isn’t the litter box) maybe you need an additional litter box or maybe mommy just isn’t putting the box in the right place where you want it? Even if you have 3 litter boxes in there to start, mommy can one by one remove the ones that aren’t being used, and maybe slowly inch the one that you ARE using into the space where you want it. One last thing: Vinegar. It’s cheap, and it does wonders for getting the urine stain and smell out. Just like with a cat, if it continues smelling like urine, chances are, we will keep peeing there!

    As for toys, we LOVE unpeeled willow balls, baskets, cubes, etc from (toys are also available at,, and Any toy on any of those 4 websites is going to be bunny-safe, so i highly recommend ordering from any of them to see what Abigail likes. BunnyBytes sends most of their toys with hooks designed to clip on to cages/pens, which keeps the toy clean and off the floor, and more importantly offers resistance which the buns really really enjoy. We also have links we play with sometimes, we like chewing yukka, and like 6buns said, CARDBOARD! You’d be surprised how we can play with a broken down (flat) cardboard box (we play with ours indefinitely). Also if you take a box that’s upright, and cut a hole in the front, and a hole in the back, that’s something to climb on, hide in, and chew, all in one! Cardboard and willow and woods may also help with Abigail’s teeth and maybe if she’s grinding them down on toys you may not have to file them as often? Let me know if you want links to toys we’ve really enjoyed.

  4. Congratulations!

    Jessica had a few sets of linkable baby rings – the Sassy Ring O’Links and the Bright Starts rings are both good. In chains of four or five she loved to toss them, but you are so tiny that maybe a chain of three rings would be better to start. Willow rings are also fun and/or rage inducing. Also grass mats.

    Cardboard boxes are of course a bunny’s first choice. We also had some small rugs for her, a woven kind, that she liked destroying. It looks like you might already have a tube, but if not, concrete forming tubes are lots of fun. You can get them pretty cheaply at home improvements stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc).

    Thrones are also important – Jessica had two small cat climbers, carpet covered cylinders about 10″ high, with an area in the middle that even a fat-ass New Zealand can cram into.

    Your Mommy might want to put some cardboard in the space between your pen and those eminently chewable baseboards.

    • SixBunnies says:

      Jessica’s Mom is right on all her ideas! Your litter box looks a little bit small, AE. maybe a larger one that you can stretch out in would work to encourage you? Also, I put a corner full of good eating hay in each of my buns’ litter boxes, cause everbun likes to eat while he or she does business!

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