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In Memoriam

I don’t know why this wasn’t shown during the in memoriam segment at the emmys, but the world has lost a beloved celebunny. Bink was one of the greats. The paparazzi followed him even into his retirement, his public loved … Continue reading

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Bad Week

I haven’t felt like drinking water recently. And when you have a helicopter mommy like I do, that’s not the best thing ever. So, she was already watching me. Then when I really didn’t feel like eating my dinner Wednesday … Continue reading

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Never Forget

I wasn’t alive when this happened. But, mommy’s talked about it, and I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s amazing to me sometimes how such resiliency and strength can exist in the human spirit. Because, I think the important thing to remember is … Continue reading

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got stuff?

I got stuff!! Mommy bought me some toys and things for my area. First of all, there’s the new bigger litter box and my brand new plastic bunny ring that I get to throw around. I’ve also got a couple … Continue reading

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I Might Be Gross

Mommy says I’m a gross bunny. This is why: First of all, I think everybunny should be proud of the mess that I made. I do believe I have properly learned how to throw litter everywhere. But, mommy thinks I’m gross … Continue reading

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