Bad Week

I haven’t felt like drinking water recently. And when you have a helicopter mommy like I do, that’s not the best thing ever. So, she was already watching me. Then when I really didn’t feel like eating my dinner Wednesday night, she got all weirded out and started acting like something was wrong. She proceeded to pick me up, and stick that plastic thing in my mouth and sqeeze that nucky stuff. Eck! Then she rubbed my tummy, when it’s already feeling icky! Really!

The next day, still not getting that she should just leave me alone, she tries to force feed me. And I’m like, Mommy!! I just don’t want to eat! I know I need to, and I will when I’m reminded to! So, don’t put that crap in my mouth!!

Friday, she still wasn’t letting it go. So, she thought it fit to TAKE ME TO THE V-E-T!!! Just because I wasn’t drinking water, was barely eating, and wasn’t peeing. I can do what I want! I have my own area!

Well, the vet saw no problem with sticking a plastic thing up my rear end!! WHAT?! And then she HANDLED me all over. She squeezed and pulled and touched and listened to. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so abused in my life!!

Finally, after all the atrocious treatment, the vet let me run about a little bit.

At least that was ok. So then she told mommy that my “problem” was “non-specific.” Seriously? I can get very specific! You humans are my problem. Geez.

Then she took me from mommy, and jabbed a painful sharp thing in me!!!! Something about water and fluids. Then she gave mommy some medicine to give me. I, of course, will refuse to take it. I don’t care what mommy does.

She told mommy to wait until Monday to see if I get better. I AM better! Geez.. I just wasn’t thirsty. Why do humans get all worked up?!

I ain’t taking that medication, though.

Also, here’s me in the carrying cage

Why do humans put us through this stuff?

Edit: I took the medicine. Dangit!

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6 Responses to Bad Week

  1. Carol says:

    I hope you’re feeling better, Abby. MM cares.

  2. abigailemily says:

    I know I’m kinda an embarrassment to bunnies everywhere, but I actually kinda like the medicine. It’s called metoclopramide.

  3. Uh oh. We think your mom is in BIG trouble. When my mom squirts that stuff in my mouth, I just spit it out all over her.

    We are glad to hear you have already found a rabbit vet in the place with the white stuff, and we really hope you feel better and anxiously await an update.

    (Note from the mom: any good tricks to get them to swallow their medicine/simethicone/water/critical care when syringe feeding?)

  4. the bunns says:

    Got Danged it AE. You got to get better – take the danged meds and drink. Tell the Mom to give you some juice squeezed from a fresh pineapple maybe. Cute you are …

  5. SixBunnies(Jamal, with Mom's help... ) says:

    Oh, AE! I have been through that, too! It stinks! I had sludgy bladder … because MOM was buying the wrong pellets and not giving me enough hay … and they did all that stuff and squeezed my tummy so I peed all over the V-E-T… hee hee … that was the only fun part. But, I got better and mommy doesn’t have to take me to the vet anymore as long as I eat a bunch of hay. My veggies give me a lot of moisture, so I don’t drink a whole lot of water, but mommy just makes sure I have a nice clean bowl available in case I want some. I hope you recover and your mommy gives you a treat and hugs for all that you went through!

  6. I’ve dealt with that before–Mum hauled me in to the vet last year because I wasn’t eating and pooping like she expected me to. I was not at all happy to be poked and prodded, but it turned out that it was a good thing she did, because I had a hairball the size of a golf ball in me! I got meds and syringed full of water until it all got broken down and passed out of me, and then I was fine, but Mum was a nervous wreck the whole time. I guess it’s a good thing that they care for us so, but honestly–does all that caring have to be so prickly sometimes?!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon–Mum and I will be thinking good thoughts for you.

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