Privacy Please!

So, I was taking a nap in my box. And mommy decided to disturb me.

What’s wrong with letting a bunny have her privacy?

Do I always have to hide?

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6 Responses to Privacy Please!

  1. Sammy meezer says:

    don’t hide – you are just too cute!

  2. Karen M says:

    Even Human kids look cute when they are napping, so you can see how irresistible a bunny as cute as you would be, right? Your Mom probably just can’t help herself.

  3. rabbits' guy says:

    Right – you are too cute. People want to see you A-E!

  4. Lisa says:

    Uh oh. Your mom is in big trouble.

  5. It all has to do with your being just so cute, hon. Poor Mick has the same problem–as soon as he tries to take a nap, someone’s taking his picture because he’s too cute to pass up.

  6. SixBunnies(Jamal, with Mom's help... ) says:

    Now that is a proper bunny living quarters, AE! Perfect, except all your food crocks are empty! Let’s just hope that your mommy was disturbing you to give you treats! 🙂 I love your new home! Bunnies need to stay hidden, AE. Jamal said, “You never can tell when a bear or a wolf might wonder by … or a hawk could fly overhead! Don’t believe your mommy when she says there aren’t any of those things inside … I have seen them!”

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