My Birthday!!

It’s my birthday today!! I’m six-years-old! So, what are the odds mommy will file my teeth today? I’m taking bets.

Happy birthday to me!

What should I ask for my birthday? I’m thinking oats. Maybe I’ll get another toy!

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9 Responses to My Birthday!!

  1. Andrea Frazer says:

    Emily what are your true thoughts about your mother’s new relationship with cats?

  2. SixBunnies(Jamal, with Mom's help... ) says:

    I have to keep coming back and looking at your picture because you look so soft and floppy in it!

  3. Karen M says:

    Happy Birthday, Abigail Emily! I’d send you a carrot cake if I could figure out how to do that.

  4. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Hope you got something good. Tooth filing on your birthday would be just plain wrong.

    Hope Mommy’s new school is going great too 😉

  5. SixBunnies says:

    Hoppy Birthday, AE! Luna, Jamal, Ding, and Shoot-The-Whoop-Coop!

  6. Happy bunday! Special celebrations for a special bun. Many helicoptres and binkies from your friends at the ‘Post!

  7. Happy bunday birthday!!!

  8. Happy Hoppy Birthday from me and Mr. Mick! Mick loves oats, so he thinks you should get as much of them as you want everyday. For your birthday, you should get all the treats and all the smooches that you want. Enjoy!

  9. the bunns says:

    Oh a massive happy Birthday from us too, A-E. Teeth grinds on B’day is a no-no.

    Hope it is a dandy day and many treats! The white stuff is coming …

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