Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! I had a great Christmas. I got a new iBun. My old one broke, and mommy said it was too expensive to have fixed.

Right now, I am staying at Ms house (that’s mommy’s mommy). And, they gave me an area that’s even better than the one that I have at home.

It was quite an adventure getting here. I flew!! It was horrible, but I felt cool. ‘Cause, I’m like the only bunny that ever flew. Mommy was all worried. I’m a bunny, and I’m anxious, and I’m easily stressed, etc. I had to ride in a carrying cage, and I think most of you know how I feel about that. But, mommy got me a new one that was really soft, and I had to ride beneath the seat in front of mommy. It was kinda dark and cozy, so I felt kinda safe, which makes it horrible rather than atrocious.

So, it’s been a great vacation so far. And today is a great day in history! It’s mine and mommy’s bunniversary! Six years ago today, I came to live with mommy! Happy bunniversary to us, Mommy!

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7 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. New Year’s snorgles from all your friends at The Bunnington Post! May it rain carrots and cuddles in 2012. Hops!

  2. Wow!
    What an exciting post: you flew, AND it’s your bunniversary!!! So exciting.

  3. Weasley says:

    Congratulations on your Bunniversary! What a happy event. What is an iBun? I might need one.

  4. SixBunnies(Jamal, with Mom's help... ) says:

    Happy Bunniversary, you Two! Hope your Mamma’s school is going well! I’m so glad you have cool areas to play in. I’m also very glad you got to ride by your Mamma in the plane, so she could keep an eye on you. That was a nice airline!

  5. Happy Bunniversary to you and your Mommy! Mr. Mick says he refuses to go on a plane unless he gets to fly first class with free banana slices and carrotinis, but he’s glad your trip wasn’t horrible. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home!

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