I Might Be Gross

Mommy says I’m a gross bunny. This is why:

Just chillaxin'

First of all, I think everybunny should be proud of the mess that I made. I do believe I have properly learned how to throw litter everywhere. But, mommy thinks I’m gross because my litter box was not so much clean on this day that I decided to lounge in it. So, yeah I was sitting in my own pee. But, here’s the thing (or things), I am not the only bunny who likes to sit in the litter box, and the litter sorta absorbed the pee, so it’s not like I was just sitting in it.

Also, I peed in my food bowl today. But, it’s not like I didn’t finish the food first.

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The Time Has Come

Looks like somebunny has gotten her own area! I wonder who that bunny could be!

And while I am in dire need of more toys, I have clearly learned how to effectively make a massive mess. I’m still learning the whole litter box thing. I mean, I get it and all, I just sometimes forget until it’s too late. Mommy has been wiping up my messes and putting them in the litterbox, just in case I forget where it goes. It’s definitely been helpful. Does anybun else know ways that I can remember?

Anyway, I LOVE my area! I have so much space!! It’s twice the size of my bunny condo, and three times the size of my bunny hotel! And mommy was really nice about letting me get used to it. She let me explore the area and leave my cage behind when I was ready.

And, sometimes I just wasn’t.

So that was helpful.

I really feel like I have room to spread out and be myself. I could use a throne, though. And what kinds of toys do you guys have? ‘Cause I need some more of those too.

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I like to have fun

I didn’t realize mommy had taken a picture of this until I found it on her phone. While we were moving, and I was living in bathtubs, mommy bought me a treat/toy. It was a small cardboard box with holes in it. Inside the box were some hay and a couple of treats. Mommy opened one side of the box to give me easy access. I thought it would be even better if I opened the other side too. After I opened the box, I decided to really reach in deep to look for the treats. I forgot that the other side was open too, and I guess I went in a little too deep, and this happened:

Mommy said that I was the funniest bunny ever. I couldn’t really get out of it either. I think any bunny in my position would have done the same thing. But, if mommy needs a laugh, then fine. They were good treats though.

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Bottle vs Bowl

Mommy found us a place to live, so I’m back in the cage. Fear not! Mommy is working on building my area. I still need a litter box that is small enough for me to get into (although, I think I could easily get into a kitty box, mommy wants to make the learning process as easy as possible for me – whatever).

Does anybunny know what kind of litter to use? Mommy puts clay kitty litter in the bottom of my cage, but if I’m gonna be walking in it, I don’t want to use that stuff. Let me know.

Anyway, being back in my cage meant that mommy was gonna give me the water bottle again, and I so enjoyed drinking out of the bowl (it felt so much more natural), I didn’t want to go back to the bottle, which lead to the great Bottle vs Bowl Standoff of 2011.

I lost. I didn’t want to at first, but what can I say, I was thirsty.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting my area soon! Really looking forward to it!

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Of white stuff, boxes and bathtubs

Everybun knows that I hate my carrying cage. So, the stage was already set for a thoroughly uncomfortable trip. With that said, the only bad parts were the first day and the last night.

First of all, this was how we traveled:

As you can see, I’m already trying to get out of the cage. I spent the whole trip in my human grandmother’s (who from this point forward shall be known as M-Squared – as in “Mommy’s mommy”) lap. So, we were all uncomfortable. The first day was the worst because 1) I had very little food and 2) mommy had set up my water bottle in the cage and the jostling caused the bottle to leak. I spent the entire trip hungry and wet.

After we got to the first hotel. Mommy and M-Squared (hmmm… now I’m thinking maybe “MM” or just “Ms”) didn’t really know what to do with me. They didn’t want to get my bunny hotel out and set it up only to break it down the next day (hey, I’m not arguing). So, they decided to keep me in the bathroom. It was kinda great, because the bathroom is actually a nice amount of space compared to what I am used to. But, then there was a water problem (they didn’t know how to set up my water bottle). So, they decided that despite the fact that I have only received water via a bottle, they would try to give me a small cup and let me lap it up. I had never done this before, so when they gave me the water, I quickly caught on, and they acted like I was curing cancer or something. “Oh, she’s so smart!” Really, me thirsty, there water, me drink, it’s not rocket science.

But, then I spilled the water, so they decided to keep me in the bathtub. Again, not the greatest, but more room than I usually have. I got really messy really fast.

Pee Rivers

So, after that I got plenty of food during the drive, I stayed dry and I got water when we stopped. All was great until the last hotel (before we arrived here). That hotel made MM (or M-Squared or Ms) sign a thingy that said she would pay $500 if she had an “unregistered pet.” Not if said pet destroyed anything, no, just an unregistered pet. So, mommy and Ms got scared and decided to keep me in the car overnight. That’s right, I had to spend the ENTIRE night in that freaking carrying cage in the car. I mean I had plenty of food and water, but the WHOLE NIGHT in that miserable cage. Needless to say, mommy and M-Squared got nothing but tail for the rest of the day.

Just because I’m cute in the cage does not mean that I should be left in it for that long.

Don't let this cuteness fool you

After I got over the whole staying overnight in the car thing, I was ready for the place with the white stuff. Except, as I’ve explained before, there was no white stuff. I was devistated. I’ve been waiting for white stuff for 4 months, and there is none. Mommy said that white stuff would come, and we should enjoy the warm months before they are gone.

So, right now, mommy and I are staying in one of those “long time” hotels. I don’t know what humans call them. And mommy is looking for a place for both of us to live. She has told me that she still intends to give me my own area. Just to make sure, I’ve seen to it that my bunny hotel has recently started to “leak” some of my pee onto the floor. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

So, that’s how we got here. Mommy starts one of her classes on Monday, and MM has returned to California. Everything is full steam ahead, and now all I need is white stuff.

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We’re Here!

Well I just have so much to say about the trip. But, I’ll just start by saying that we are here at the place with the white stuff……..and there is no white stuff. In fact, it’s hot! Mommy said that there wouldn’t be white stuff for a couple of months. She took me to the window and showed me that there was, in fact, no white stuff. Mommy said that this place is actually called Min-eh-soh-tuh, and that I should probably learn it because calling it the place with the white stuff when there isn’t white stuff doesn’t really make sense. I’m just disappointed. I wish mommy had told me before…..

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Well, this is our last day before our road trip to the place with the white stuff. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog on the road. I mean, I’ll have my iBun, but I don’t know how good the service will be. So, this is it. I’ll give details when I can. Talk to you from the place with the white stuff!

Also, mommy decided to make our last day here horrible by filing my teeth. She even gloated saying, “yup, I did a good job on those teeth.” Geez……

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See what happens when humans don’t have furniture.

This is how mommy and I are living now because mommy had to sell/give away all of her furniture and hasn’t finished packing.

And I’ll be honest, I’m kinda scared of all that stuff. I don’t really want to venture out into it when I have playtime.

Well, maybe I’ll try.

But, it’s all just a reminder that we are at T minus 4 days until we leave for the place with the white stuff. Mommy said that it’s gonna take us 5 days to get there. AND I’m gonna finally meet my human uncle. That’s really cool. We’ve never met before, but I hear he’s pro-rabbit.

Just a few more days!

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One more week!

I am super excited! Mommy and I (and my human grandmother – who’s coming along to help) are leaving for the place with the white stuff in a week! One week! I’m not looking forward to the car ride (I’m gonna have to spend all that time in the carrying cage). But, I’ll get plenty of play time. The big deal is that I have NEVER been outside of the state of California, and now I get to go to a place that has WHITE STUFF!!! Mommy has seen white stuff before, she says that it’s fun, but we’ll probably get tired of it really quick. I think this is the most adventure that I’ve ever had! I mean look how excited I am:

Ok, well, that didn’t exactly work out the way I thought it would. But, I think you get the point. I can’t wait!!!

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A Safe Haven

Another sad day in bunnydom. The rainbow bridge has acquired a new resident. Haven.

I didn’t know Haven very well. But, what I did know touched my heart. Enjoy the bridge, Haven.

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