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I love my mommy

I know it’s totally not cool. I mean I am five-years-old. But, I can’t help it. I love playing with my mommy. If I’m in the middle of playtime, and she sits on the ground, I always hop over to … Continue reading

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So, it turns out I did get oats on Thursday. But, it wasn’t because it was the Year of the Rabbit. It was because it was tooth filing day, and mommy always gives me oats to try to make up … Continue reading

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The Year of the Rabbit

And so it begins. Chinese New Year is today, and it brings with it the greatest character on the 12 animal zodiac. That’s right, friends, today begins the year of the RABBIT! Supposedly, humans born in the year of the rabbit are … Continue reading

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I’m Hungry

As most of you probably know, last week this happened. Well guess who did the exact same thing to me last night. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “my mommy.” Seriously, mommy came home last night at 11:15, … Continue reading

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New Home

Mommy just told me that we are gonna have to move to a new home. I don’t know if I approve. I’m going to have to get used to a whole new series of noises. I don’t like loud noises, … Continue reading

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I told you…

So when mommy got home yesterday, I had, of course, finished all of my breakfast and was working on the last of my hay. She proceeded to give me more hay, and this was me: This was the best picture … Continue reading

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I’m fine, mommy, leave me alone…

I don’t eat all of my breakfast right away. I usually pace myself over the course of the morning, finishing at around noon. Well, when mommy didn’t see me scarfing down my food, she got all antsy and mommy-like. She … Continue reading

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Our Bunniversary!

Oh my goodness! How could I forget? And how could mommy forget for that matter? My five year anniversary of when I came to live with mommy was December 28th! Wha?!… I completely forgot! That’s right. December 28, 2005, mommy … Continue reading

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Happy 2011 everyone! That was one wild party Friday!! There was poo and lettuce all over the floor when mommy got home. I may or may not be grounded. But, it was a great night. It’s the first time I … Continue reading

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Party at Abby’s House

Hey everybunny, my mommy is spending New Year’s Eve at my human grandmother’s house. That means I get the run of the apartment. Party at Abby’s house!! All my bunny friends are invited. BYOG (bring your own greens). And don’t … Continue reading

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