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The Time Has Come

Looks like somebunny has gotten her own area! I wonder who that bunny could be! And while I am in dire need of more toys, I have clearly learned how to effectively make a massive mess. I’m still learning the … Continue reading

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Bottle vs Bowl

Mommy found us a place to live, so I’m back in the cage. Fear not! Mommy is working on building my area. I still need a litter box that is small enough for me to get into (although, I think … Continue reading

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Of white stuff, boxes and bathtubs

Everybun knows that I hate my carrying cage. So, the stage was already set for a thoroughly uncomfortable trip. With that said, the only bad parts were the first day and the last night. First of all, this was how … Continue reading

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Am I perky?

Mommy says I’ve been “perkier” since I had my tooth overhaul. She thinks I hop around more, and I beg to get out of my cage more. She thinks it’s because my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. But, I never said my … Continue reading

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It Begins

I’m in hell. I’m sorry if I offend anybun with my language, but that is how I feel. Because this is my life now. And this is what I think about it. I used to have a platform, now I … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News

Mommy gave me some good news and some bad news. We’ll start with the bad news. The bad news is mommy has to sell my cage because it is too big to take to the place with the white stuff. … Continue reading

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Last One!!

This is the last time that I have to be away from home while mommy interviews! Just so everybun realizes how uncomfortable I am in my bunny hotel, I asked mommy to take this picture. As you can see, I have very … Continue reading

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Traveling is just so stressful…

Mommy’s had several more interviews, and I seem to be playing musical homes. Last week I stayed with some humans I’d never met before. Really, what is it about doggies that make them so interested in us? And now I’m … Continue reading

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Surprise Playtime

Given that I was in trouble on Monday, I must say I’m quite surprised that I got playtime today! Mommy let me have the run of the area next to my cage, leading into the bathroom. Let me remind everybun … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland?

Mommy showed me some pictures of her trip. This is where we could be living next year. Anybunny know what that white stuff is? I wonder if it’s fun to play in. It looks like it tastes good. So while … Continue reading

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