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Privacy Please!

So, I was taking a nap in my box. And mommy decided to disturb me. What’s wrong with letting a bunny have her privacy? Do I always have to hide?

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I like to have fun

I didn’t realize mommy had taken a picture of this until I found it on her phone. While we were moving, and I was living in bathtubs, mommy bought me a treat/toy. It was a small cardboard box with holes … Continue reading

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Of white stuff, boxes and bathtubs

Everybun knows that I hate my carrying cage. So, the stage was already set for a thoroughly uncomfortable trip. With that said, the only bad parts were the first day and the last night. First of all, this was how … Continue reading

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Am I perky?

Mommy says I’ve been “perkier” since I had my tooth overhaul. She thinks I hop around more, and I beg to get out of my cage more. She thinks it’s because my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. But, I never said my … Continue reading

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The bridge is very full…

This is Jessica: Jessica was my best friend online – even if she didn’t know it. She was an only bunny just like me, and she had to deal with her human mommy just like me (although, she had a … Continue reading

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It Begins

I’m in hell. I’m sorry if I offend anybun with my language, but that is how I feel. Because this is my life now. And this is what I think about it. I used to have a platform, now I … Continue reading

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Here’s Thumper!

Last week I posted a picture of my birth mother, Butterscotch. And a lot of bunnies/humans thought that she was great. So, today I thought I’d talk about my brother, Thumper. Thumper looks like a slightly bigger, male version of … Continue reading

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Another Baby Picture

Mommy found another baby picture of me. Really, I was such a spaz as a kid that all of my pictures are blurry. I was quite the fat little bunny wasn’t I?….I guess not much has changed. I think this … Continue reading

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Baby Pictures

So, mommy found some baby pictures in the basket where she keeps all my toys and supplies. I’m the supercute one……… Oh…………. I’m the one in the middle. Kinda blurry ’cause we were moving a lot. But, this is me … Continue reading

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I coulda been a contenda

So, yeah, mommy filed my teeth on my birthday. Guh! Okay, I survived it. I’m still here. And, yes, she did give me oats, carrots and broccoli. She did my teeth before she gave me the munchies so I could fully … Continue reading

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