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I like to have fun

I didn’t realize mommy had taken a picture of this until I found it on her phone. While we were moving, and I was living in bathtubs, mommy bought me a treat/toy. It was a small cardboard box with holes … Continue reading

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What are you smoking, rabbit?

This was the question mommy asked me when she saw my bowl after dinner. Really? “What are you smoking?” What kind of question is that? This is the reason she asked it. Along with my usual leaf(ves), I left the … Continue reading

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Surprise Playtime

Given that I was in trouble on Monday, I must say I’m quite surprised that I got playtime today! Mommy let me have the run of the area next to my cage, leading into the bathroom. Let me remind everybun … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’m here at my human grandmother’s house just trying to process my mommy’s abandonment. I have this “bunny hotel” as my mommy calls it. It’s a cage that is smaller than my indoor hutch and … Continue reading

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Cage Cleaning Day

First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that my mommy (aka my owner) cleans my cage every week. I am grateful that she uses odor absorbing litter at the bottom. So, I’m not just bitching and … Continue reading

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