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Privacy Please!

So, I was taking a nap in my box. And mommy decided to disturb me. What’s wrong with letting a bunny have her privacy? Do I always have to hide?

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Bad Week

I haven’t felt like drinking water recently. And when you have a helicopter mommy like I do, that’s not the best thing ever. So, she was already watching me. Then when I really didn’t feel like eating my dinner Wednesday … Continue reading

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Never Forget

I wasn’t alive when this happened. But, mommy’s talked about it, and I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s amazing to me sometimes how such resiliency and strength can exist in the human spirit. Because, I think the important thing to remember is … Continue reading

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Goodbye Frank

Another friend went to the Rainbow Bridge this week. Frank was a wonderful bunny with a wonderful mommy. He lived a very long life and was lucky to have the love and care that he did. He was an inspiration … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Bunny Mother’s Day, everybun! As you know, today is the day that we in the bunny community celebrate our human and bunny mothers, not to be confused with human Mother’s Day last week…………ok, I’m messing with you. There is … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Tomorrow’s moving day. Mommy and I are going to be living with some other humans now. Mommy says that she needs to save money for graduate school. More proof that being a bunny is better. I’ve lived with other humans … Continue reading

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I’m Hungry

As most of you probably know, last week this happened. Well guess who did the exact same thing to me last night. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “my mommy.” Seriously, mommy came home last night at 11:15, … Continue reading

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I told you…

So when mommy got home yesterday, I had, of course, finished all of my breakfast and was working on the last of my hay. She proceeded to give me more hay, and this was me: This was the best picture … Continue reading

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I’m fine, mommy, leave me alone…

I don’t eat all of my breakfast right away. I usually pace myself over the course of the morning, finishing at around noon. Well, when mommy didn’t see me scarfing down my food, she got all antsy and mommy-like. She … Continue reading

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Over the river and through the woods…

…to grandmother’s house I go. Or rather, over the freeway and through some traffic. I’m going to spend Christmas with my human grandmother and my aunt doggy. Mommy is visiting my human grandfather (whom I’ve never met, but whatever), and my … Continue reading

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