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One Day at a Time

I don’t think things are going well for me. I’ve been hitting the bottle recently. Also, I’m proud of my poo decorations. Humans are obsessed with litterboxes. I don’t see the big deal.

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got stuff?

I got stuff!! Mommy bought me some toys and things for my area. First of all, there’s the new bigger litter box and my brand new plastic bunny ring that I get to throw around. I’ve also got a couple … Continue reading

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I Might Be Gross

Mommy says I’m a gross bunny. This is why: First of all, I think everybunny should be proud of the mess that I made. I do believe I have properly learned how to throw litter everywhere. But, mommy thinks I’m gross … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come

Looks like somebunny has gotten her own area! I wonder who that bunny could be! And while I am in dire need of more toys, I have clearly learned how to effectively make a massive mess. I’m still learning the … Continue reading

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