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Well, this is our last day before our road trip to the place with the white stuff. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog on the road. I mean, I’ll have my iBun, but I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Am I perky?

Mommy says I’ve been “perkier” since I had my tooth overhaul. She thinks I hop around more, and I beg to get out of my cage more. She thinks it’s because my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. But, I never said my … Continue reading

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Glad that’s over

Hi everybunny, sorry I didn’t report yesterday, but I was really tired, and I didn’t feel like getting on my iBun. Anyway, I went to the vet yesterday, and I came through ok. I don’t really remember much about it … Continue reading

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I’m Alive

Well, that was just horrible. First of all, I had to sit on a cold table – that I couldn’t hop around on without slipping – for 30 minutes. Then the vet came in and HANDLED me. She kept touching … Continue reading

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So, it turns out I did get oats on Thursday. But, it wasn’t because it was the Year of the Rabbit. It was because it was tooth filing day, and mommy always gives me oats to try to make up … Continue reading

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More About Teeth

I found this picture here. This is exactly what my mommy does to my teeth. Except that she uses a child’s toothbrush instead of what looks like a syringe. Mommy worries about my teeth sometimes. Because if there is malocclusion in … Continue reading

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Tooth Filing Day

Today was tooth filing day, and it was particularly traumatic. I actually thought that I could make a break for it. When mommy had me on the towel that she wraps me in I bolted. Well, I tried to, several … Continue reading

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Human Appreciation

My mommy gets on my nerves sometimes. She often talks to me in some kind of “bunny speech” or “bunnyese.” Like, yesterday, she said something was horrible, but she actually said “horriboo.” Or if I’m cute while eating my food, … Continue reading

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Never gonna happen, my friend…

Oh, my mommy is so cute. She keeps trying to give me things to chew, knowing full well that I won’t do it. Today, she gave me a toilet paper roll. It’s interesting. I’ll play with it. But, I’m not … Continue reading

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I coulda been a contenda

So, yeah, mommy filed my teeth on my birthday. Guh! Okay, I survived it. I’m still here. And, yes, she did give me oats, carrots and broccoli. She did my teeth before she gave me the munchies so I could fully … Continue reading

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