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Well, today is election day in America, and my mommy did her civic duty. She didn’t tell me how she voted. Who am I gonna tell? I mean really? But, everyone here in the Southland is talking about Proposition 19 – legalizing marijuana. I have mixed feelings about it. You have to understand, marijuana is a big thing in the bunny community. It’s just so readily available. All we have to do is hop up to a plant, pull ONE leaf (it really doesn’t take much for smaller breeds like myself), and Boom! we’re toast. We really don’t care about alcohol or any other drug that we have to get from humans. But, marijuana, mushrooms, even coffee… We like things that are grown in the ground. To make matters worse, we have no regulation. We CAN’T regulate it, because humans are the ones that are growing it. So, all we can do is regulate the behavior. We have laws about public “inflation” as we call it. But, there is no way to regulate what happens behind closed doors, and nor should we, this is a free country.

The problem is that these drugs can kill. I can’t tell you the number of rabbits (mostly wild bunnies) who have lost their lives to a marijuana overdose. You know, it’s one thing to lose your child to an adoptive human, quite another to lose that child to an overdose. I’m not saying that plant abuse is running rampant within the bunny community. Most of us do have self-control. Don’t tell my mommy, but I’ve eaten my share of “shrooms.” I’m just worried that should marijuana be legalized, more humans will be growing it, and more of my friends will be eating it – some without even knowing it, a green leaf is a green leaf after all. I already lost my family to adoption, I don’t want to lose anyone else to an overdose.

So, what about you? What do you think about legalizing marijuana?

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