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I’m Hungry

As most of you probably know, last week this happened. Well guess who did the exact same thing to me last night. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “my mommy.” Seriously, mommy came home last night at 11:15, … Continue reading

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New Home

Mommy just told me that we are gonna have to move to a new home. I don’t know if I approve. I’m going to have to get used to a whole new series of noises. I don’t like loud noises, … Continue reading

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I told you…

So when mommy got home yesterday, I had, of course, finished all of my breakfast and was working on the last of my hay. She proceeded to give me more hay, and this was me: This was the best picture … Continue reading

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I’m fine, mommy, leave me alone…

I don’t eat all of my breakfast right away. I usually pace myself over the course of the morning, finishing at around noon. Well, when mommy didn’t see me scarfing down my food, she got all antsy and mommy-like. She … Continue reading

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Our Bunniversary!

Oh my goodness! How could I forget? And how could mommy forget for that matter? My five year anniversary of when I came to live with mommy was December 28th! Wha?!… I completely forgot! That’s right. December 28, 2005, mommy … Continue reading

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Happy 2011 everyone! That was one wild party Friday!! There was poo and lettuce all over the floor when mommy got home. I may or may not be grounded. But, it was a great night. It’s the first time I … Continue reading

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