Never gonna happen, my friend…

Oh, my mommy is so cute. She keeps trying to give me things to chew, knowing full well that I won’t do it. Today, she gave me a toilet paper roll.

Bunny enemy #1

It’s interesting. I’ll play with it. But, I’m not gonna chew it. I’ve said this before, I prefer to chew things that I can swallow, i.e. food. I fully understand that chewing things would prevent my teeth from growing as fast, then my mommy wouldn’t have to file my teeth every two weeks (the whole malocclusion thing). But, I just don’t like to chew. Why can’t humans accept that?!! Yes, I know other bunnies like to chew, but I’m not other bunnies. I’m Abigail. I’m a “special needs” bunny. At least that’s what my mommy calls me. She also thinks I have brain damage ’cause I run into walls and act like a spaz. Whatever, I get excited easily. Regardless, I’m not gonna chew this roll. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, what do your owners give you to chew on? Do you ever mess with their heads and not chew?

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