I’m in trouble

But, I swear, it’s only partly my fault. Mommy really needs to take some responsibility. Here’s the thing, I’m really good about not peeing outside my cage, but mommy has never actually potty-trained me. So, the fact that I rarely do it just proves how smart and good I really am. I just have to remember, and I’m not always good at that, so I’ve had some accidents. Like I did last night during playtime when I peed on some of mommy’s text books and a soundtrack. Mommy got mad. She put me back in my cage, thusly ending playtime. If she would just get me a litterbox, none of this would ever happen again.

Then later…….I’ve mentioned how I sometimes eat my fur. Well, I was working on some matted areas around my nether region, and I pulled a bit out. I decided that it tasted good, so I started to eat it. I know I’m not supposed to, but I just wanted to. Mommy saw this and got mad again. She pulled the fur out of my mouth and flushed it. Then she told me that was the reason I get tummy aches and “nucky stuff” and good bunnies don’t eat their fur. That one was my fault. I knew better, I just….and I know not to pee outside the cage to, but it isn’t automatic like it would be if I were trained.

I'm sorry mommy

I don’t like it when mommy’s mad at me. It was just the one-two punch of peeing on mommy’s stuff and eating my fur…..I had a really bad day yesterday.

Hey, mommy should be glad I didn’t pee on the carpet. Right?

Mommy didn’t seem mad a me this morning. And there’s the whole me being a pet thing, which means that she can’t be mad at me even when she is. But, I still don’t like it.

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4 Responses to I’m in trouble

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh no! Rough situation. Are the text books totally gross now? 😦 Frank sometimes pees, too – in his sleep! He’s an old guy, so there are accidents. And (unfortunately) he was never fixed, so he can get a little territorial and pee for that reason. He gets matted fur too, and he’s gone into ileus a few times. Now I work the knots out gently with my fingers, and twice a year or so I wash him down there or clip the ends of his fur (extremely carefully and with help, of course). We keep Orange Oxy in a spray bottle – it’s amazing for carpets and upholstery. And I’ve found that, even when I was still keeping Frank in a cage (and he’s still kept in his room when we’re not around), it helped a lot to have a litter box somewhere else for when I did let him out. Might be worth a try. Good luck!

  2. the bunns says:

    Buck up. Remind “Mummy” that it took her almost 5 years to learn to pee in the right place! Maybe tell her 7, just to get her going!

  3. Lisa says:

    Your silly mommy! All she’s gotta do is buy the box, make sure it’s a big enough one, and put it in the right spot. Doesn’t she know everybunny knows how to use a litterbox already?

    Actually, Biffy was much worse about using the litter box when he was a caged bunny before he was free range. The whole cage was his, therefore, pee territory. We don’t miss endless cage cleaning, not one bit.

    • abigailemily says:

      I know, right?!? And the thing is, I don’t chew, so I’m the perfect house bunny! So, why won’t mommy just get rid of my cage altogether?!? I think it’s ’cause……..I can still be naughty. And mommy’s an only human. So, I have to stay locked up when she’s not home. And our place isn’t big enough for me to get my own area. But, one day it shall happen. Mark my words!

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