Make Mine Chocolate

The Thursday after Easter several years ago, my mommy was arriving to work when she saw her supervisor holding a wee little bunny (weer than me, even). Apparently, her supervisor found the little bunny wandering around outside. The bunny was a light brown, baby mini lop.  They named the bunny “Jim” because they worked at a gym (get it?). They called a friend who took Jim and was able to eventually find him a home.

The theory is that someone had gotten the bunny for Easter, but didn’t want to take care of him, so, knowing that there were bunny-lovers at the gym, they abandoned the bunny, assuming he would be taken care of. Fortunately, he was. But, because of this event, mommy and I have decided to “Make Mine Chocolate“. If you or anyone you know thinks that it would be a “fun” or “cute” idea to give a live bunny for Easter, please remember that we bunnies are big responsibilities. Sure we’re cute, but we have needs and we require a lot of care, and so many bunnies end up like Jim, or worse. So, instead of a live bunny, make it a chocolate one.

Of course, mommy has issues with eating bunnies of any kind, so she says “make mine a chocolate egg.”

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2 Responses to Make Mine Chocolate

  1. Jodi says:

    Absolutely! Or, the soft, fuzzy, material, stuffed kind! Those are good too!

  2. the bunns says:

    AMEN A-E! (Our hoomans eat the chocolate ears first!)

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