Traveling is just so stressful…

Mommy’s had several more interviews, and I seem to be playing musical homes. Last week I stayed with some humans I’d never met before. Really, what is it about doggies that make them so interested in us? And now I’m back at my human grandmother’s house. I don’t know where my home is anymore.

Mommy thought it was “cute” to take pictures of me in full travel mode. These are me in my hated carrying cage.


This thing is really very uncomfortable. I was doing my best to try to get out of it.

That way didn’t work.

This one didn’t work either. I just had to sit and accept that this was happening.

I disapprove

I can’t wait for this ordeal to be over.

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4 Responses to Traveling is just so stressful…

  1. the bunns says:

    Maybe come hang out with us until yur real home is stable kiddo.

  2. Jodi says:

    You sweetheart! At least your mommy works hard to find good people to watch you while she has to be away. You are just too cute peeping out of your carrier! You kind of look like a little otter!

  3. Lisa says:

    Travel sucks for us bunnies 😦 We used to have to go to Mima and Pops’ house every couple of weekends. Now we stay home a lot more. We’re spoiled.

    The good news is, if bunny is accostomed to travelling, she will be less traumatized by it than if you studdenly tried to take her for her first car ride when she is 6 years old, or something.

    Good luck with your interviews, mom. Keep us posted!

    (PS. Is bunny’s name Abigail Emily or is mom Abigail Emily or what?)

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